Why Professional Dental Cleaning Is Essential To Your Health

A steady routine of traditional oral health care practices including flossing, regular use of mouthwash, and the all-important brushing can go a long way to helping you retain your teeth throughout your whole life. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only key to good oral health, these excellent practices must be combined with regular visits to your dental care professional for cleaning and check-ups.

Why Do I Need A Professional Dental Cleaning?

Getting a cleaning with your dentist is always accompanied by a check-up, meaning that your visit to the dentist is about far more than just hitting the spots you may have missed throughout the year. Your dentist’s visit to your mouth every six months also includes checking up on different aspects of oral health that occur over time, keeping an eye on trouble forming, and much more. We’ll cover a few of the reasons that professional dental cleanings aren’t optional.

  • Stained Teeth – While brushing can help offset the process of staining in most cases, some people are simply more prone to accumulating stains on their teeth than others. Your dentist’s professional equipment means that they’re able to more effectively counteract staining.

  • Grinding Teeth – Thousands of people suffer from bruxism without knowing, the only immediate sign being a sore jaw and teeth in the morning. Over time grinding your teeth can lead to wear and tear on the teeth, your dentist can spot the signs during a cleaning.

  • Oral Cancer – Oral cancer is easily treatable in most cases, provided that it’s caught in time. Your cleaning with your dentist also gives them an opportunity to spot issues like this while they can still be stopped.

  • Prevent Heart Disease – Evidence has suggested that regular dental cleanings and oral care can help reduce the chances of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Visits to your dentist are an essential part of whole body health, not just dental health.

  • Maintain Dental Work – The dental work you’ve undergone in the past can break down through wear and tear, and your dentist can keep an eye on it if you get cleanings regularly. Skipping cleanings may mean that an inexpensive and quick repair becomes a costly and time-consuming process.

The reasons above aren’t all-inclusive, there are multiple other dental issues that can show up that have nothing to do with regular at-home dental care. In addition to the above, your dentist inspects your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the joint that connects jaw to the skull, to ensure that there are no issues occurring there. Wisdom teeth often show signs of being present long before the pain and damage to your existing teeth start. Regular cleanings and check-ups give your dentist a chance to catch them before they do any lasting damage.

Dr. John Batlle has been helping patients stay abreast of their dental issues with regular cleanings and dental check-ups from his office in Lake City, FL. If you’re looking for a caring family dentist that will help you maintain your smile for years to come, make an appointment at Southwest Family Dentistry today.

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