Why Do I Need A Whitening?

If you’ve ever considered your teeth whitening or had someone suggest it to you, you may be wondering what would make it necessary. You brush your teeth regularly, floss habitually, and always use mouthwash, why would your teeth need whitening? With all these practices your teeth can still become stained for numerous reasons, and in many cases, regular dental hygiene isn’t going to be enough to reverse it. With so many options available for whitening your teeth these days there’s no reason to live with discolored teeth.

Reasons You May Get Your Teeth Whitened

1. Special Occasions – Sometimes you just really want every part of you to look the absolute best that it can. If you’re heading to a family or class reunion or about to get married you want to look as good as you can, so why not whiten your teeth?

2. Job Interviews – For better or worse research has revealed that the quality of your smile, from its genuine nature to the condition of your teeth, have a profound impact on the likelihood of you getting a job. Those with discolored teeth tend to be perceived as being less trustworthy while having a bright white smile makes you appear enthusiastic, energetic, and confident. All of these can help you land that job or promotion.

3. Effects of Smoking – In addition to all the other health issues that come with smoking this habit can also lead to discoloration of your teeth. It also tends to aggravate other dental health issues such as bacteria, plaque, and the like. The discoloration can be reduced or eliminated, but if you don’t quit smoking it will just keep coming back. Get your teeth whitened, and drop the habit to keep them that way.

4. Dietary Habits – If you love wine, tea, coffee, or dark soda then you may notice that your teeth tend to become stained over time. Unfortunately short of quitting these habits there’s nothing that can be done to keep your teeth from becoming stained, but you can reverse it with whitening treatments. You may consider adding whitening toothpaste to your regimen, whitening gum, or other treatments to help counteract it.

5. Confidence restoration – If your discolored teeth make you ashamed to smile, laugh, or otherwise flash your teeth then whitening can help. There’s no reason to let these stains keep you from sharing that beautiful smile, just get whitening treatments and you’ll be able to smile unabashedly.

These are just some of the reasons that you may consider getting your teeth whitened. If your teeth are only experiencing minor discoloration then you may be able to benefit from the whitening treatments that you can find in the dental aisle of your pharmacy. If more aggressive treatment is needed then it’s time to contact a dentist. If you’re in the Lake City, FL area then pick up the phone and make a call to Southwest Family Dentistry to make an appointment with Dr. John Batlle for whitening options today!

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