A Permanent, Lasting Solution with Dental Implants

Smiling with missing teeth is not only unattractive, but it is also unhealthy for you. Missing teeth create a space that when left unfilled for long, will pose several dental problems. You are at greater risk for gum disease due to lost teeth, as well as structural and cosmetic flaws like tooth misalignment. These dental problems can occur because the teeth have the tendency to move when a gap is suddenly created. Thus, if you have lost teeth, have them replaced right away. Dental implants offer a permanent, lasting solution to tooth replacement; they are currently considered to be the best alternative to the replacement of missing teeth.
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What Makes Dental Implants Stand Out from Other Types of Tooth Replacement Procedures?

What makes implants stand out from other tooth replacement procedures is their ability to fuse or osseointegrate with the jawbone; thus giving you unmatched stability, durability, aesthetics, and comfort. While dentures have the tendency to move or slip out of your mouth, dental implants remain permanently fixed to your jawbone. They won’t move, budge or fall out accidentally. This gives you a high level of comfort and security. You are able to speak, smile and laugh confidently because your dental implants function very much like real teeth.

Dental Implants Consist of Three Parts and Stages

Dental implants are not just the prosthetic teeth, but include titanium screws, the abutment, and the dental prosthesis. First, the titanium screw is implanted surgically into the jawbone. This screw is allowed to osseointegrate or bond with the jawbone naturally. This takes around 2 to 3 months to complete. Once osseointegration is done, the abutment can be attached to the implanted screw.

The abutment is a metal tube that connects the implanted screw to the prosthetic tooth, to be attached later. It can only be placed once osseointegration is complete. If the abutment is placed to early, the screw may not be stable enough to hold the dental prosthesis. Thus, waiting for the osseointegration process to complete is very important.

Once the abutment is fixed to the screw, the dentist can now attach the tooth. This final step marks the end of the dental implant procedure. Your lost tooth is beautifully replaced with dental prosthesis that can truly last a lifetime.

A Dental Implant Feels Like Having a New, Natural Tooth

Since dental implants greatly mimic a natural tooth and its roots, having them in your mouth feels like having new teeth again. Dental implants blend well with your oral cavity, so your mouth functions beautifully. You can eat, speak and smile without worry. Simply take care of your implants like they’re real teeth, and they’ll take care of you for the rest of your life.

Replace Missing Teeth with the Best Option – Dental Implants

We, at Southwest Family Dentistry, offer you dental implants through the skill and expertise of Dr. John Batlle. He is the “go to” dentist in Lake City, FL for high quality dental implants. Stop worrying over lost teeth and have them replaced today with comfy and secure dental implants. Call (386) 752-1220 and talk with us about tooth loss and other dental concerns that you may have.

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