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You are your child’s best teacher. Children regard their parents as their role models in life. A little girl trying on her mom’s shoes is a perfect example of how kids imitate the actions of their parents. So, it goes without saying that parents and guardians are the best people to teach a child about oral care. Leading dentist in Lake City, FL, Dr. Batlle, offers some friendly childrens dentistry reminders that you and your child can follow.

Avoid Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is the main source of dental problems. It causes pain and discomfort while giving your teeth an unsightly appearance. To avoid tooth decay, children must practice good oral care habits while they’re young. These good habits often carry on when they reach adulthood, giving them the wonderful benefits of optimum oral health. Here’s what your childrens dentistry expert advises you to do, to avoid tooth decay in children.

  • Limit a child’s consumption of sweets and candy.
  • Encourage the child to brush his teeth at least 3 times a day or after meals.
  • Tell your child to floss before bedtime.
  • Teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Encourage your child to properly brush his teeth every day. You can do this together with your child, so that you can show him the proper ways to brush their teeth. Make tooth brushing a fun activity. Tell your child that brushing his teeth will remove the cavity monsters in his mouth, so he needs to do it well. Telling your child, “let’s attack the monsters”, instead of being strict about tooth brushing, makes it fun! This will make brushing the teeth an enjoyable parent-child activity.

Eat Smart and Be Healthy

Children are healthy when they are provided the right kind of foods. Eating healthy foods and drinks translate to being orally and physically fit. Here’s what you can do.

  • Prepare balanced, healthy meals for your child.
  • Let him have sweets and treats in moderation.
  • Make fruits and vegetables look appetizing.

Be creative in serving food to your children. Cut up vegetables and design them as animals or shapes on your child’s plate. You can even ask older children to assist you with making meals. Again, this can be a fun bonding activity while you encourage your kids to eat healthy. According to childrens dentistry expert, Dr. Batlle, eating healthy is a great way to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy from within.

Bring your Child to a Childrens Dentistry Specialist

Pediatric dentists are trained to handle children and their unique needs. Therefore, it is important that you bring your child to a doctor who specializes in childrens dentistry. This avoids situations where your child is fearful of a dentist’s appointment. A good pediatric dentist will be able to explain treatments to your child in a friendly, non-threatening manner.

To prevent the development of dental fear, make a dental visit sound fun and exciting. Do a meet and greet before your child’s scheduled visit. Allow the child to take in the sights and sounds of what a dental visit would entail, so that he learns a lot from the experience and becomes comfortable with the thought of going to the dentist. Most importantly, tell your child the value of a dental visit; that it is an important step towards optimum oral health.

For quality, caring childrens dentistry in Lake City, FL, visit us, at Southwest Family Dentistry. We specialize in pain-free dental care for the whole family. We treat kids how they want to be treated and with the love and care they truly deserve. Visit us today at 389 South West Chapel Hill St. Lake City, FL. Our dentist and staff look forward to seeing you!

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