When Not Replacing Your Missing Teeth Can Cause Problems

We understand, going to the dentist is not your favorite thing. There’s a general fear and anxiety of sitting in that chair and waiting for someone to critique you on a habit you should be good at as an adult. Worse is when you know you have a tooth that needs to have something done about it, and odds are good that “something” is going to involve an extraction. So we put it off, even through the pain and discomfort, because on some level we believe that having it extracted is worse than suffering and that maybe the pain will stop and it’s temporary. Eventually, we have the tooth extracted and the pain is gone, and we revel in the relief, but the journey isn’t quite over. Once a tooth has been extracted, it’s important to avoid the risks associated with having a missing tooth.

Infection Can Damage The Bones Of Your Jaw

Generally unknown to the average patient, missing a tooth can have long-lasting consequences on your jaw. When the root has been removed from its socket the body has a tendency to begin degrading the jaw in a process known as bone resorption. If this wasn’t bad enough, this process can begin to impact the remaining teeth, reducing the structural integrity of their supports and potentially causing further tooth loss. Additionally, the loss of bone can actually lead to changes in your facial structure, and the missing tooth can make gum disease more likely in the empty space.

Lifestyle Changes And Loss of Speech Clarity

Without a full set of teeth certain foods can become difficult to eat as the surfaces previously used to consume it are absent. On top of being inconvenient and uncomfortable, this can also put greater strain on your remaining teeth leading to faster deterioration and decay. As you start avoiding foods that are difficult to consume you can begin having issues with nutrition which in turn leads to failing health. Additionally, teeth play an important function in clear speech, the loss of your teeth can cause difficulty in speaking clearly.

Replacing Your Teeth Is Affordable And Easy

There are a number of options you can pursue to replace your teeth, whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them. These include time honored options as well as new innovation in dental technology aimed at giving patients back their beautiful smile.

  • Dentures – Available in both full and partial varieties, dentures have been used to replace missing teeth in patients for hundreds of years. Recent technology has produced great advances in comfort and quality.
  • Implants – Modern technology includes semi-permanent implants that can replace one or all of your teeth with beautiful, custom-designed artificial teeth. Almost indistinguishable from natural teeth, and just as easy to care for, these are the best of dental restoration technology for missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth or are facing an extraction, it’s time to speak to your dentist about tooth replacement. Schedule a consultation with them today to discuss your options and set yourself on the road back to a beautiful smile.

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