What is a Crown? Why is a Crown Needed?

When you speak to your dentist about possible treatments for decay and damage to your teeth, you’re likely to hear the term ‘crown’ a lot. Like a crown that sits on the head, a dental crown is placed over your tooth to protect it, often after the decayed tooth has been reshaped to accept it. In spite of their being one of the most common forms of restoration dentistry performed today, many patients aren’t clear on what crowns are and may be intimidated by them as a result. This article was put together to help shed some light on what crowns are, and why there’s no reason to be afraid if you need one.

Dental Crowns: A Powerful Restoration Tool

Crowns are a restoration typically made from a special blend of ceramic but are also available in resin, gold, and even a porcelain and metal mix. Before a crown is put on your tooth the tooth will be reshaped to accommodate the crown fitting over it. The crown will cover the entirety of the tooth, protecting it down to the gumline. Everyone has to be specifically shaped to fit over an individual tooth.

The Way Dental Crowns Function

To get a clear image of how a crown fits on your tooth, think about how a thimble sits on your fingertips. Crowns are cemented in place over the remaining tooth and serve as a new chewing surface that’s durable enough to be effective and protect your existing teeth. Once the tooth is cemented down it is essentially a permanent part of your tooth and should never have to be removed.

What Is The Installation Process For Dental Crowns?

The procedure begins with the application of anesthetic to the gum tissues surrounding the tooth that will be worked on. Once you’re numb a drill will be used to get rid of the decay on your tooth and shape it so it’s ready to accept the crown itself. Once the shaping process is done an impression will be made of your tooth so that the crown will be able to fit over it. This is then sent off to a dental lab where they’ll create the crown to order. Once it returns you’ll be called in for another appointment where the crown will be cemented into place, restoring your smile and your ability to eat normally.

If you’ve been considering getting restorative dentistry done and are wondering if dental crowns are right for you, make an appointment with your dental practitioner. Crowns are a simple and effective restoration tool that will make you proud to flash your smile again. If you are in need of a new dentist make a call to Southwest Family Dental in Lake City FL to schedule an appointment with John Batlle. They proudly serve the people of Lake City with restorative and preventative dental care and are available to help you understand the choices available to you and how they can help restore your decayed or broken teeth.

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