Oral Sedation for a Truly Relaxing Dental Visit

Dental anxiety is an uncontrollable feeling that manifests in some of our patients. They come to us and discuss the dental treatments they need, yet are unable to overcome dental anxiety well enough to undergo treatment. At Southwest Family Dentistry, we have the perfect solution for those of you who feel nervous or anxious about seeing the dentist. Oral sedation is a valuable treatment that we offer that will allow you be relaxed, yet conscious, before, during, and after your scheduled procedure. Whether you need a simple cleaning or a complex dental treatment, oral sedation helps you conquer your fear of the dentist and receive proper dental care. You are not alone. Many patients have taken oral sedation and have found it to be a beneficial treatment to counteract stress and anxiety on the dentist’s chair.

What Happens During Oral Sedation?

If Dr. Batlle determines that you are a good candidate for oral sedation, he will prescribe a medication for you to take at a predetermined time prior to your scheduled appointment. This will give you a relaxed feeling, so that you can arrive at the dental office without worrying about your dental treatment. You will remain conscious and able to communicate with the dentist and to respond to his instructions during your treatment. This gives us the freedom to perform your needed treatments while you remain relaxed and comfortably seated inside the treatment room. We may perform not just one, but several, dental treatments in a single appointment.

You should, however, bear in mind that oral sedation is like having a conscious dream. While you will remain conscious during your treatment, you won’t remember much about what transpired during your dentist’s appointment. Time will seem to pass quickly. Before you know it, your dental treatments are over and the dentist has given you a clean bill of dental health.

Expect to be a little groggy after oral sedation. Because of the effects of the drug, you will need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment. Ideally, this companion will stay with you for a while after your appointment, until the sedation wears off completely.

Is Oral Sedation Safe?

Oral sedation is a safe treatment when performed by licensed and experienced dentists like Dr. Batlle. At Southwest Family Dentistry, we have treated many patients with oral sedation with very high success rates. Many patients love the fact that their treatments seem to be completed very quickly and that they’ve been able to have necessary dental treatments without the feeling of fear.

Why is Oral Sedation Beneficial?

The most obvious reason for oral sedation is an uncontrollable fear of seeing the dentist. Oral sedation is also beneficial for people with movement disorder and patients who have trouble remaining seated in the dentist’s chair for a long time. Oral sedation simply makes optimum oral health available for those who would not get treatment otherwise.It helps patients conquer that feeling of fear, so that they can receive much-needed dental treatments.

Visit Southwest Family Dentistry for Safe Oral Sedation in Lake City, FL

Because we care very much about your oral and physical health, we’ve taken the time to train for the safe administration of oral sedation. Don’t let fear or other limitations prevent you from receiving proper dental care. You deserve dental treatments as much as everyone else. We are here for you. Call us today at (386) 752-1220 and we will gladly discuss oral sedation with you.

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