Emergency Dentistry: Fun Facts to Get You Through the Summer

Summer is upon us and with the arrival of the warm season comes a host of exciting activities! Kids are at summer camp and soccer games while you are hitting  the pool or biking down the beach on vacation. While summer opens the door for new things to do, it also opens the door for dental injuries. At Southwest Family Dental we offer emergency dentistry for our patients because we know how important it is to treat an oral injury as quickly as possible!

As you head into the summer months, we’ve taken some time to help you prepare for any dental mishaps you may encounter along the way. Remember, when you face a dental emergency, time is of the essence! Acting quickly means increasing the chance of saving your smile. Here are a few fun emergency dentistry facts to remember!

  • If your tooth is knocked out ALWAYS hold the tooth by the crown and NEVER the root. The crown is the side of the tooth that is visible while the root is the unseen portion of the tooth inside the gums. Holding the tooth by the root can damage the cells and nerves that are still alive. These living cells and nerves match those inside the socket and are used to reconnect the tooth to the socket.
  • We all know that milk does a body good, but did you know it can also save your tooth? Keeping a tooth that has been knocked-out moist is important, however dropping it into water or a moistened towel almost always kills the cells and nerves. Milk helps to keep the cells alive longer than water. So, next time you experience a knocked-out tooth just head straight for the refrigerator!
  • 23% of dental emergencies are related to restorations. So, if you have a filling, crown or cap you are more likely to experience a dental emergency that links back to them! Fortunately, Dr. Batlle is experienced in caring for restorations of all kinds!

We hope these facts help you become better prepared for a dental emergency. Southwest Family Dentistry is committed to restoring your smile when you suffer an unexpected injury. We set time aside for emergency appointments to keep your oral health in optimal shape! When you suffer a dental emergency, visit us at our office in Lake City, FL or call us today at (386) 752-1220 for fast and high quality dentistry!

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