4 Ways to Look and Smile Young

The desire to look young and beautiful is an inherent human trait. Most of us want to look our best in every situation. As smiles are the windows to great job and social opportunities, it is important to project your best looking self all the time. Dr. John Batlle, cosmetic dentist in Lake City, FL,  discusses the different ways for you to look and smile pretty. Here are the treatments that can alter the appearance of your teeth for a truly young-looking smile.

Dental bonding is a technique wherein liquid composite resin is bonded over the teeth to enhance or mask tooth flaws. The resin material is tooth-colored; hence, it appears natural looking. Many patients particularly love this cosmetic dentistry procedure because it is fast, simple, painless and inexpensive. A typical bonding treatment often takes an hour or two to complete, so you will be in and out of the dental office with your teeth fully transformed.

In addition to providing aesthetics, dental bonding can also be used to fill a decayed tooth. These tooth-colored fillings are an improved version of dental amalgams because they’re safer and more natural-looking. Amalgam fillings contain harmful mercury. Composite resin, tooth-colored fillings, on the other hand, are completely safe for you. Thus, composite resin bonding is a great cosmetic dentistry treatment to either enhance the appearance of your teeth, or to fill a decayed spot. Composite resin bonding can effectively address chips, cracks, gaps, misalignment and even gapped teeth.and even gapped teeth.

Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

One of the reasons a smile appears aged is because of discolored teeth. Years of eating and drinking may have taken their toll on your teeth, making teeth appear yellowish or grayish in color. The best way to counteract tooth discoloration is to get teeth whitening treatment. The dentist applies bleaching gel on your teeth and then exposes the teeth to a special light. The outcome is dazzlingly white teeth that most certainly project a youthful smile.

Dental Implants

Most people would agree that missing teeth contributes to an aged appearance. There’s only one thing to do, and that is to replace missing teeth with dental prosthesis. One way to do this is through a cosmetic dentistry procedure called dental implants. The dentist will surgically implant titanium screws into your jawbone. These screws will be able to hold the prosthetic teeth securely; thus, giving you stable, durable and long lasting tooth replacements. Your smile will be instantly transformed once your lost teeth have been replaced.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are another way to achieve a youthful smile. Just like composite resin bonding, the veneers are placed on your teeth via the bonding procedure. Veneers are ultra thin, tooth-colored chips that are designed to greatly resemble the outer appearance of your teeth. Once bonded, the veneers can effectively hide flaws, make a tooth appear longer or shorter than before and create a picture-perfect smile.

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Visit our practice for more questions about cosmetic dentistry. We will evaluate your needs and then design your unique treatment plan. As they say, age is but a number. Take the cosmetic dentistry treatment that addresses your needs and flash everyone that youthful, beautiful smile.

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