Children’s Dentist in Lake City, FLParents may not feel that dental care becomes a pressing parenting issue until the child begins losing the baby teeth and getting permanent teeth. But dentists usually advise parents to bring children in for an initial (sometimes called a “happy visit”) appointment sometime between two and a half to three years of age. But some dentists are alleging that this might be too late. So how soon should parents start caring about their children’s teeth and overall well-being?

During the Pregnancy

While you may be a in a flurry of pre-baby issues from birthing classes to baby showers, you still need to make time for that trip to the dentist. This is because studies have shown that women who have longstanding gum diseases are actually prone to having preterm or low birth weight babies. While this does not relate to your child’s dental health, this is still a major concern, granted that the state of a mother’s dental health can affect the child’s overall well-being adversely.

Months After the Delivery

It’s actually possible for your child to develop neonatal teeth or come out of the womb with some teeth that have already erupted. They are referred to as neonatal teeth if they emerge 30 days after the child is born. Most of the time, neonatal teeth are found along the lower jaw where the front teeth are often found. While neonatal teeth are not very well-formed yet, they are hard enough to cause irritation to the gums of the child as well as hurt the mother when nursing. Neonatal teeth are not milk teeth and must be removed to prevent further trauma to the mother and child.

But if your child is born without teeth, it’s just as crucial for you to take care of your child’s gums. You may do so by using a clean, damp washcloth to clean the gums.

When the First Tooth Erupts

The first tooth usually starts to erupt after your child hits the sixth month mark but the actual moment could be before this or up to a year later. This is a good time for you to visit a children’s dentist in Lake City FL. Dr. Batlle will give you tips for taking care of your child’s teeth. At the same time, your child’s teeth will be cleaned properly at Southwest Family Dentistry.

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