Lake City FL dentistWhen it comes to oral health, there are some well-established myths that have become cemented as facts in the public mind. The problem with these misconceptions is that they sometimes lead individuals away from what is needed for a cavity-free, white smile. So to facilitate the goal of education, below are some of the things that everyone should know about their smiles:

Sweets aren’t the only problem.

It’s very easy for parents to lump the problematic foods into one category — sweets. Eat sugary treats and your smile will suffer sooner or later, because you’ll soon get cavities. However, it’s not just sugary treats that should be implicated in the list of banned foods. For instance, acids are just as effective in cause enamel erosion, and, therefore, causing cavities to develop. Acids or foods with low pH are capable of demineralizing or damaging enamel crystals. What results are teeth which are thin and brittle, and are prone to tooth decay. For this reason, dentists advise patients to stay away from sour candy with the same enthusiasm as with regular sweet candies.

Older individuals are just as prone to tooth decay as children are.

Lake City FL dental healthWhile it would seem to be common sense to think that children would be more prone to tooth decay, given that they are more likely to indulge a sweet tooth and to gorge on sugary, and often sticky, treats. However, while sugar is a great incentive for the bacteria inside your mouth to begin multiplying and consequently produce acids, there is another factor which can just as well as induce the same harmful outcome, and that would be having a dry mouth. Saliva is a substance which checks the growth of bacteria, without it the bacteria can run amok. They then secrete numerous acids, which eat away at your teeth and cause tooth decay. Individuals who are prone to having a dry mouth are those who take certain medications like antihypertensive drugs.

Bleeding when you floss shouldn’t stop you from continuing to floss.Lake City FL root canal

If you notice that even with the slightest of motions that your gums bleed when you floss,you may have gingivitis. This shouldn’t deter you from flossing, however. Flossing actually helps to treat gingivitis. As you continue to floss habitually, the frequency and severity of bleeding from your gums should lessen over time until, you are healed.


One little known dental fact is that by getting regular dental check-ups at Southwest Family Dentistry you could be saving a lot of money over your lifetime. This is because Dr. Batlle will be able to fix problems while they are small, before complex restorative procedures are required.

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