What to Expect after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

As being the last set of teeth to grow, the wisdom teeth have a greater tendency of being misaligned. If they grow horizontally or angled away from the adjacent tooth, they can pose problems to your other teeth, jawbone and … Continued

What Does Conscious Sedation Feel Like?

It is normal to feel apprehensive about oral conscious sedation especially if you don’t know anything about it. People hate being out of control, most especially in matters of oral and physical care. Dr. John Batlle, who provides this service … Continued

4 Ways to Look and Smile Young

The desire to look young and beautiful is an inherent human trait. Most of us want to look our best in every situation. As smiles are the windows to great job and social opportunities, it is important to project your … Continued

Your Friendly Childrens Dentistry Reminders

You are your child’s best teacher. Children regard their parents as their role models in life. A little girl trying on her mom’s shoes is a perfect example of how kids imitate the actions of their parents. So, it goes … Continued

I’m Pregnant: Should I Undergo a Dental X-ray?

For years, undergoing a dental X-ray while pregnant was considered dangerous for an unborn baby. This resulted in large numbers of pregnant women with untreated gum infection and various oral diseases. Even today, the majority of pregnant women will refuse … Continued

Root Canal Therapy is Good for You

Whenever we recommend root canal therapy, we sometimes find that there are patients who are hesitant to agree to this treatment and would rather opt for tooth extraction. We always tell these patients that root canal therapy is actually a … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Dental Check-Up

When money becomes too tight to mention, the instinct of most individuals is to eliminate expenses that are not absolute necessities.This usually includes such things as luxury spending, vacations, and to some extent, even trips to the dentist. For some … Continued

Treating An Abscessed Tooth

Toothaches are never a laughing, or even smiling, matter. On the contrary, toothache can be one of the most painful forms of ache there is. And while there are different ways for your teeth to become damaged, having an abscessed … Continued

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Lake City

A perfect smile can do wonders for any person. Not only is a wonderful smile enough to stop people in their tracks, it also confers on its holder an increased confidence and self-esteem; requirements for such industries as business and … Continued

Taking Care of Your Child’s Dental Health

Parents may not feel that dental care becomes a pressing parenting issue until the child begins losing the baby teeth and getting permanent teeth. But dentists usually advise parents to bring children in for an initial (sometimes called a “happy … Continued