4 Ways to Look and Smile Young

The desire to look young and beautiful is an inherent human trait. Most of us want to look our best in every situation. As smiles are the windows to great job and social opportunities, it is important to project your … Continued

Your Friendly Childrens Dentistry Reminders

You are your child’s best teacher. Children regard their parents as their role models in life. A little girl trying on her mom’s shoes is a perfect example of how kids imitate the actions of their parents. So, it goes … Continued

I’m Pregnant: Should I Undergo a Dental X-ray?

For years, undergoing a dental X-ray while pregnant was considered dangerous for an unborn baby. This resulted in large numbers of pregnant women with untreated gum infection and various oral diseases. Even today, the majority of pregnant women will refuse … Continued

Two Rules for Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Picking toothpaste should not be a difficult task. However, a lot of our patients come to us, overwhelmed by the number of options in the toothpaste aisle. We don’t blame you if this seemingly simple job turns into a headache. … Continued

A Permanent, Lasting Solution with Dental Implants

Smiling with missing teeth is not only unattractive, but it is also unhealthy for you. Missing teeth create a space that when left unfilled for long, will pose several dental problems. You are at greater risk for gum disease due … Continued

Flash that Gorgeous Smile with Teeth Whitening

Yellowish, stained, and discolored teeth can happen over time, most especially if you smoke cigarettes, drink coffee or tea every day, and eat stain-causing foods. It is hard to avoid tooth discoloration because there are many factors to consider: aging, … Continued

Root Canal Therapy is Good for You

Whenever we recommend root canal therapy, we sometimes find that there are patients who are hesitant to agree to this treatment and would rather opt for tooth extraction. We always tell these patients that root canal therapy is actually a … Continued

Oral Sedation for a Truly Relaxing Dental Visit

Dental anxiety is an uncontrollable feeling that manifests in some of our patients. They come to us and discuss the dental treatments they need, yet are unable to overcome dental anxiety well enough to undergo treatment. At Southwest Family Dentistry, … Continued

Children’s Dentistry for a Happy, Healthy Kid

Teaching your child proper dental care is very important. We, at Southwest Family Dentistry, bring you children’s dentistry with a smile, as we are passionate about instilling good dental care habits that will last a lifetime. We know that it … Continued